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Post  Admin on Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:18 am

Crescent Light had arrived a while ago and as usual Demon's Blade was late. When Blade finally arrived Crescent stood tall and proud as he walked towards him. Demon saw Crescent and his hatred grew, he wanted to kill him now but he knew that if he did he would have to find all the he would wait till the war when all the lights were in one area and wouldn't have time to run. "Ahh brother so nice to see your humiliating face again. So what's new on your pathetic island." Crescent stopped in front of Blade "Just that my son was born before your foal even began growing. Besides what if your foal is a filly, you would surely lose mares aren't as strong as stallions and you know it." Blade got a angry at this "Since when do the mares you mate with give sufficient foals? Your son probably has many problems with him just like the twins did a few years ago, you thought I forgot didn't you?" Crescent reared "Don't you ever mention them again! Atleast I mated you on the other hand haven't mated till now." He laughed. Blade didn't find this funny and he snorted loudly. "Why did you ask me to come here anyway so I can get this over with!" Crescent smiled as Blade got angry "Well as you know brother our sides are even except that my foal is already born while yours hasn't. So with this in place you can't win, will you surrender and give me your troops or will you continue to ready for a battle that you can't win." Blade reared up this time "I would rather die then surrender to my so called brother! You can expect me on the battlefield a few months from now with many more troops then you could even produce, I have more mares." Crescent still stayed calm and grinned. "Yes this is true but I have more stallions which means more warriors besides half those foals will be fillies unless a miracle happens which is unlikely." Blade pawed the ground "What I have said stands and that's final!" With that he turned around and headed back towards Terragon. Crescent also turned but headed to Zathra. "What a fool." he said under his breath.

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Post  Starrysky on Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:21 am

I wait until they have both gone then fly down from my spot in the clouds.I cantered to the very edge of the land, still able to make out the retreating shapes. I turned away. filthy darks. i thought and turned to the other thoughtfully. i wonder how Full Moon is since we departed. i shook my head quickly. don't think about her! She doesn't want your company. and you don't want hers. i repeated over and over in my head, hoping that i would finally believe it. "But i DO want her. I want to hear her voice, i want to hear her sing again. But i suppose she doesn't do that anymore. I'll just have to settle for being alone." i said out loud, but quietly. then i turned away and walked back to my new home sadly.

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